Creative, Strategic & Successful.

Harringtons are committed to ensuring that we deliver excellent results. With over 22 years experience in the industry and the most up to date market trends, our market leading researchers are able to provide a positive unique experience that will ensure that we meet your needs.

Harringtons acknowledge that by providing our clients with informed, up-to-date market research trends ensures they can make enlightened, financially sound business decisions.

Identifying opportunities for our clients and creating packages for each project in each sub-market Harringtons Project team are very creative in the strategic development of sales and marketing strategies of projects that we have been engaged to sell. By engaging Harringtons Project Marketing in the early stages of future development we are able to make qualified recommendations on product mix, positioning, design, finishes and even price.

A high quality company, direct interaction with the business owners and a highly trained and knowledgeable sales team will deliver the best possible sales results for your project.

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