Simple & straightforward

We give honest feedback – once your property is listed on our rental list, it is essential to know what amount of inquiry it is receiving.

So we will provide you with feedback twice a week, this will consist of what the potential tenant thinks, whether they have any reservations about the wallpaper or questions about the tenancy, we’ll tell you straightaway. Would you like to know how many people have contacted our office, how many hits your property has received on the internet – we know that we definitely would if it was our property.

We provide you with the type of feedback that we as experts would like our own rental property managers to do.

We assign one property manager to you – that is it – you only deal with one person. There is nothing worse than having to speak to one person about accounts, another about leasing and yet another about tenant issues.

We invest in learning – our team keeps updating their skills constantly.

We create informed tenants – the majority of our tenants are our future clients. We find that most of our clients have a lifecycle which is typically as follows: as tenants they utilise our services and rent property from our office (for 6-12 months) whilst they look to purchase a home of their own. Once they purchase their new home they usually stay for a year or two and then use the equity in their own home to finance their first investment.

We make regular weekly payments – you will be paid regularly into your nominated bank account via electronic funds transfer

We limit your risk – we have strict policies and procedures in place that have been examined and critiqued. We know what works and we are kept informed of any changes to legislation daily.

We are constantly improving our services – we carry out regular interviews with our clients and customers. We want your feedback.

“We moved our investment property to Harringtons from a different real estate firm last year and could not be happier. Their attention to detail, client service and communication are impeccable and I now feel like a valued client rather than just a number. Thank you for such a wonderful service – we definately made the right choice!”
F & J – Clayfield