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QUARTERLY AUCTION REPORT - October - December 2023 - Harringtons Realty
By: Annoymous
February 14, 2024
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Inside you'll find insights and statistics on recent auction results from across Australia, as well as some interesting auction stories direct from our colleagues at Apollo Auctions.. Here's a feature story from Gold Coast by Auctioneer Rob Doorey;

 "The sale of the quarter on the Gold Coast goes to Troy Dowker from Kollosche with Justin Nickerson on call. For so many reasons this should be our property of the quarter. 

Firstly, the architectural design masterpiece that it was, secondly, the result and finally… the fact it is still being spoken about into 2024 – especially by homeowners close by hoping the result would create prosperity for their values.

Kicking off with a $7 million bid, we rose quickly with a range of 100k, 25k and 50k bids to $10.25 million in the 90 seconds before the home was declared on the market, selling just three minutes later for a record $11.2 million – surpassing the previous suburb record sale of $5.9 million." 

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- Apollo Auctions

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