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Qld Government Broadens Flood Help for Homeowners
By: Tracie Harrington
August 16, 2023

Up to 1000 more Queenslander whose homes were flooded in the 2021 and 2022 disasters could now be eligible to access funding to raise their homes.

Expansions to the assessment criteria under the Palaszczuk government’s $741-million Resilient Homes Fund means more homeowners can apply for additional house-raising and retro-fitting measures, according to the government.

The funding will be available for homeowners who previously did not meet house-raising criteria, but were instead assessed as eligible for funding under the resilient retrofit option.

The criteria had been broadened “to enhance the reach and benefit of the program following feedback from impacted Queenslanders”, the government said.

Households who previously registered their homes under the Resilient Homes Fund will now be eligible for funding under the House Raising program, or can use funds originally intended for a resilient retrofit to instead raise their home.

The change comes as the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) launches a public register of contractors suitably qualified to carry out work under the Resilient Homes Fund.

More than 530 builders are listed on the RHF Contractor Register, which can be found here.

Minister for Public Works and Procurement Mick de Brenni said the government knew many in the community were still “dealing with the lasting impacts of these devastating floods”.

“Not only is this good news for flood-affected Queenslanders but it also means fewer insurance claims and lower premiums following extreme flooding in the future.

“We’ve also set up a new register of builders so Queenslanders accessing this additional support will be easily able to find the builders and tradies who are best suited to help them.

“This is about making it easier for homeowners to search for suitably licensed and qualified builders in their area, who are well equipped to get the job done.”

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